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Uncle Ben's Tribute

When a tragedy like this happens,
There are no words to express our grief.
No sentence to express the pain we feel.
No Speech to express our sorrow.


A week ago, we as a society lost
     a potential musician,
     a potential doctor,
     a potential leader,
And if he was to be anything like his father;
Society has lost a very great man.
But more importantly last week
Everyone here lost a member of our family.


Wesley Graham Sayler is survived by a myriad of people
Who were robbed by his more than untimely departure from this world.
As a parent I can say no one should ever have to endure this kind of pain,
As a friend all I can say is that I am sorry.


Although I said there are no words to express my sorrow,
I hope these have come close.
Jeff… April… I love you, we all love you.
Our hearts are broken for you.
Wesley will always be loved.
Your son will never be forgotten.


Words by Benjamin Anthony Gerogosian


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