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...as You Turn Two

Thoughts of You as You Turn Two

We never got to hear you laugh
or see your first teeth grow in
We never got to hug you tight
see your smile or your silly grin

We never got to teach you to wave bye-bye
or watch as you learned to walk
We never got to see you play with your toys
we never even got to hear you talk

We never got to watch you eat by yourself
or even drink from a cup
We never got to soothe you , when you got hurt
By coming to the rescue and picking you up

We never got to see you loving your doggies
we don't know your favorite cartoon
We never got to tuck you in at night
with a kiss and "Goodnight Moon"

We never even got to say "Good-bye"
we were too heartbroken and upset
We'll always remember the day you were born
a happy day, we will never forget

But we did get to carve out a place in our heart
a special place that only you can fill
Happy Birthday Sweet Wesley
We miss you, We love You and We always will!!!

Written by: Grandma Edwards, my mother

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