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"To My Special Angel"


It was the saddest day that I would ever know
Today on this date, one year ago
All together in the hospital, praying for you
And wishing there was something that we could do
Then the Doctors and Nurses came in with the devastating news
That you were the one that God would choose
Just a few short weeks, after your birth
The Angels swept down and took you from Earth
Oh Why! Oh why, did God take you so soon
Up through the clouds and over the moon
To a beautiful place, we know as Heaven
Why couldn't you stay til you were at least 97
But it just wasn't meant to be
It seems God needed you more than Mommy, Daddy and Me
And now we're left with the memories and a day to look forward to
When God calls our names and we finally get to join you
We'll hug you and kiss you and never let go
Because we missed you and we love you so
You left your little footprints all over our hearts
And to be with you again will be when the real joy starts
We will finally all be together again
Just, "One Great Big Happy Family, Amen!"

Written by: Grandma Edwards, my mom
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