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I have just a few memories of you. I remember sitting in the hospital waiting for your arrival. I was impatient! You were taking too long! Now I wonder if you knew you would leave us so soon? By you taking so long to be born, you were still with Mommy. She could feel you but she just couldn't see you yet. And then when you were finally born we were so excited! You were so cute and so perfect! We were BLESSED! All I could do was stare at this beautiful little baby boy, our Grandson Wesley! You know, you looked just like your name ( Wesley Graham ) There could never be another baby boy born with the most perfect name! When Mommy and Daddy were finally allowed to take you home, we couldn't wait! Your Grandpa and I were so happy that Mommy and Daddy were stopping by our house on their way home. It was the perfect time for your big girl cousin Lennon to finally see you and hold you. I just LOVE that moment! I just LOVE those photos! I just loved looking at you and holding you! You were the cutest little thing! You were so soft and cuddly! Your Grandpa and I drove down to your house a few times to see you and your Mommy and Daddy. I would hold you and feed you and LOVE YOU! You and your Mommy and Daddy came to visit us the Sunday before God called you home. Your Grandpa and I and your Aunt Christine and your Uncle Ben and your cousin Lennon took turns holding you and loving you! I can still see your cute little face, sound asleep on your Grandpa's shoulder. I can still see you laying on your Auntie Christine's lap. I don't know if those last moments with you would be so vivid in my mind if you didn't have to leave us. I will hang onto that vision forever! And I am forever thankful that we live in a family of picturetakers. The photos and the memories are all we have left. But I want you to know that we thank you for BLESSING OUR LIVES WITH YOUR PRESENCE!!! And also know that OUR LOVE FOR YOU will continue to grow just like it would if you were still here with us. You made such an impact, you brought us so much joy and you taught us so much! We are forever thankful and we are forever in LOVE with YOU!!!
Your grandma Edwards is a wonderful lady. She was just as happy to meet you as she was to meet her grand-daughter - your cousin Lennon. How perfect it must have been for her to have both a grand-daughter and grand-son. Everyone had to stand in line to hold you. Your grandma never wanted to let you go!


CAPTION: Please read Grandma Edwards' poem to Baby Wesley on this site.
I remember your uncle Ben when your cousin Lennon was born. He was a new man - a new daddy! He loved the whole hospital experience and ran through the halls saying he was ready to do it again. Your aunt Christine begged to differ of course. LOL The day you were born, he was just as happy and just as proud. I of course wish I had more photos of you than I do but I'm so happy that someone took this photo of you with your uncle. Clearly you two were having a moment because in those first days of your birth, you very rarely were awake let alone looking up at someone like this!


Your uncle Ben loved you so much! Of all the people who gave us their words when you passed, it was uncle Ben who touched your Mommy and Daddy the most.


CAPTION: Please read Ben's tribute to Baby Wesley on this site.
The craziest memories I have are of your birth. I always felt that you'd be born sooner than you were and by no means did we expect you to be two weeks late! I go into the hospital to be induced and 33 hours later, you still didn't want to come! What was that all about? I keep telling myself that it was me and not you. If it was you, I guess you were just too comfortable to leave. I know this world is a strange crazy place but your Daddy and I were so excited to meet you. If it was me, it was my body and no matter what the doctors did - my body was just not prepared to make the necessary changes to deliver you naturally.


Finally on the second day, I decided to go under the knife and deliver you by c-section. I don't recall you crying at birth but I remember like it was yesterday what the doctor said after weighing you. "He's 10lbs 4.5ozs." I was looking at your Daddy at that time - I immediately turned my head to the nurse and said "excuse me?!" I was never so thankful to learn how large you were and how confident I finally was with my decision to have a c-section. Maybe you were just TOO BIG to come out. In hindsight, I couldn't be more happier with how you were finally brought to be with us. The surgery was easy, the recovery was easier than expected. I think the hardest thing was the first few days. It's a complicated task trying to hold a baby, let alone breastfeed when your gut is mush and you're on pain killers! But we made it through those hard days and were fortunate enough to spend every waking moment (and sleeping one) together while I completed the rest of my recovery.


The doctors said I wasn't allowed to climb stairs and needed to stay at home taking it easy the first two weeks. It was just you and me baby! The next and sadly last week, we were luckily together again while Mommy was trying to figure out what in the world was wrong with your little belly. Mommy and Daddy even bought you new fancy bottles and formula hoping that it would make things easier on your sensitive digestive system. I'm just so incredibly thankful to have been home with you. That was some quality time and I loved getting to know you. I miss you baby boy!
I just found a photo of your cousin Lennon feeding you. She fed you a lot and said that was the only way she could help. I always tried to get her to help with the diapers but she was so worried you'd pee on her. LOL See how Bonnie is sitting nearby? She was always so concerned...
While I would have loved to have known if you truly did love dogs, you were definitely loved by all the dogs around you - specifically our doggies! Bonnie is our big dog and she was your protector. It didn't matter where I was with you, she always sat on my foot with her back facing us, while she observed all things going on around us. I think her favorite time was when i sat in the glider to feed you. She was pretty clever with how she managed to sneak in tons of kisses on you - not once did you cry but you definitely squirmed confused by the wet tongue that was lapping up your skin.
January 27th was the first day you met my friend Veronique (Vie). I just had to take a photo of the two of you. Aunt Vie is such a fun and smart girl. She's very photogenic and loves to sex it up. I joked with her while taking this photo by reminding her that she was holding a baby and NOT a martini glass. She was more concerned with how "hot" she was in the photo that your poor hat got smooshed on your head! I do adore this photo of you two. You had a great day that day.
For some reason, you never seemed to like going potty. Whether you were grunting, whining, curling up your body, or crying from gas - you just weren't happy when it came to pooping. I'd change your diaper and while I had your legs up, placing the diaper beneath you - you'd let out a stinky fart and I'd laugh! You did this a few times to Mommy and one time, one of those farts wasn't alone! You farted so hard that you shot poop all over the changing table, wipes, and WALL!!! Your Daddy was always so lucky to miss out on these opportunities by minutes of time. This particular time, Daddy had just left for work. I thought your Daddy had the stinkiest farts, then I thought it was your puppy Bonnie who had the stinkiest - who would have thought that it was YOU all along! I miss you fart head, my little stinker!


PHOTO CAPTION: Aunt Vie giving a try at changing you.
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